How are we doing, creating this place where pets and people thrive?

Here are some things we can measure.

We’re ranked among the best places to live with pets

The Facts buttonAt least ten different polls rank PDX as one of the top five places live with pets in this country, including measures for both dogs and cats.

Polls were conducted by Forbes Magazine, pet insurance companies, and others.

This area is one of the safest place if you’re a homeless pet

Portland Metro stats buttonData from the Animal Shelter Alliance of Portland, whose members do the majority of animal intake and euthanasia in our region, shows:

Saving 94% of shelter pets

In 2015, the ASAP shelters saved 94% of the pets who entered animal shelters (humane societies and animal control agencies). That’s up from 62% in 2006.

Euthanasia has decreased 87% and no healthy or treatable animal has been euthanized since 2013.

Spay & Save ClientThe number of relinquished pets and strays animals in shelters went down 46% in less than 10 years!

Since 2006, pets coming into the ASAP shelters decreased from more than 40,000 a year to 30,000. The public now surrenders around 20,000 pets a year to the ASAP shelters

Saving lives of animals from other communities as well

There were more animal adoptions than ever last year. That’s because the Portland region can now help pets from all over the country find a new loving home. The ASAP shelters alone adopted over 21,000 dogs and cats into new homes; a third of those pets were transferred to the metro area in from outside the area.

Most animal adoptions ever!

There were 21,135 pets were adopted from ASAP shelters in 2015. The most on record!

Preventing unwanted litter

The Spay & Save program has sterilized over 70,000 cats for low-income families or strays since 2010. Oregon Spay Fund and other programs add to that number.

In the same time period, cat intake from the public into ASAP shelters went down 42%.

What else should we be measuring?

  • Number of dog parks and off leash areas?
  • Strong legislation to protect companion animals?
  • Services for free roaming and feral cats?
  • Accessible veterinary care?
  • Pet friendly rentals?

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