Petopia Metrics

Website Measurement Criteria PDX Rank
Best Pet Cities   #1
Pet-friendly parks and trails
Quality veterinary care
Active animal welfare groups
Abundance of pet boutiques and retail shops
Exceptionally high quality of life for owners, including:
  • Quality health care
  • Higher education
  • Diverse job opportunities
  • Active artistic and cultural scenes
Dog Friendly Cities Listed 7th of 10
Ample outdoor space
  Cultural activity catering to canines
Most Spoiled Pets   #5
Pet treat sales
Pet toy sales
Dog Lover Cities Listed 2nd
Rental inventory
Number of dog parks
Number of dog-friendly business establishments
Cost of pet care
Dog-centric events
Walkability scores
Best City for Dogs #1
Walk score
Yard size
Dog activities
Meetup groups
Availability of dog sitters
Top US Cities for Dogs #1
Pulled top 10 from Estately’s list so used same criteria as previous
Dog Friendlies Cities #1
Cites for pet-friendly city criteria:
  • Great veterinarians
  • Lots of open spaces
  • Active Humane Society
Best Cities for Cats Not listed 2010
No criteria cited
Best States for Cat Lovers Oregon listed #6
Average pet lifespans
Percentage of households with cats
Facebook “likes” for cats
Frequency of heartworm disease
Number of no-kill shelters
Top Cat Friendly Cities #4
From the CATalyst Council:
Top 25 largest metro areas
Number of cats
Number of vets/vet specialists
Number of cat shows
Local ordinances
Microchipping data
If SAWA member in zip code list
Cat ownership demographics
Level of veterinary care
Local cat-friendly laws and regulations
Cats/Dogs/Rabbits #1
Cats: Median number of rooms per housing unit
Dogs: Off-leash dog parks per 100,000 residents
Rabbits: Community garden plots per 1,000 residents
Overall: Veterinarians per 100,000 residents